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Our new Member Rewards Program is now in affect.  Check out our News and Promotions Page for details on how you can be entered into our monthly member group break. Our April case break features an 8 box break of 2014 Leaf Metal Draft Football and will broken by Josh over at bbexpress2.  Be sure to take advantage of our double rewards days April 12th and April 27th.


Here is a quick breakdown for the April Group Break.  Hope it makes sense and if you have questions please let me know.  In case you are wondering thses 8 boxes are being pulled from a fresh case myself and are not just 8 random boxes. 

I will be awarding 24 winning ballots for  the  member break in April

Leaf Metal draft will be the product which has four hits per box and I am doing 8 boxes for a total of 32 hits.
Since the players have not been drafted by an NFL team and there are only 72 players in this product I will be randoming the 72 players and awarding 3 players per ballot instead of teams.

Who ever has that player gets the card.

I hope it makes sense and I hope everyone enjoys it.  I am always open to ideas for the breaks so please let me know your suggestions.


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